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can you feel the [tension] in the air..

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For starters this community is strictly for me to share my graphics. I'm a big fan of comments, so don't hesitate to tell me if you love something, or hate it. What I post will mostly consist of icons, userinfo and friend only banners, maybe your occasional, simple, layout. My name is Lyssa, if you haven't already learned that, and I'm sixteen. Seventeen is coming way too fast if you ask me. The rules should be viewable to all, so please read them before joining. I keep requests open at any and all times, so please don't hesistate. Hell, even if it's not in my interests. Cos honestly, how can I icon what you like if I don't know what you like? -nods- Yeeeah, exactly. =] In order of bands/artists, shows/movies, ships, and misc.

Avril Lavigne.
Fall Out Boy.
Matt Willis. McFly.
My Chemical Romance.
Son of Dork.
The Academy Is..

CSI. Degrassi. Gilmore Girls.
Heroes. High School Musical.
Instant Star. Life With Derek.
Lost. One Tree Hill. Prison Break.
South of Nowhere. Supernatural.
The OC. Veronica Mars.

Brooke/Chase(one tree hill).
Brooke/Lucas(one tree hill).
Brooke/Nathan(one tree hill)
Haley/Nathan(one tree hill).
Hilarie Burton/Jared Padalecki.
Sophia Bush/Jensen Ackles.
Sophia BushWentworth Miller.
Please check the sidebar for a list of resources.
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